Praise be to the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST! I am Pastor Chris Omondi from Nairobi, Kenya. I wish to share some testimonies of what the LORD has done for me since connecting with Prophet Gold. I will give them different titles just so that its easy to follow.
Meeting with Prophet & receiving GOD’s call as a Pastor.
Sometime around the month July of 2016 I was invited by a neighbor friend of mine o his house for a Christian fellowship meeting. I was a single then living in an estate called Donholm in Nairobi-Kenya. Though I was a born-again Christian my walk of salvation was wanting as I was grappling with lots of challenges majorly to do with trying to get my business established and seeking the right marriage partner from GOD. The neighbor friend was a Pastor and on that particular day he happened to have been hosting some guests who as he mentioned to me were
coming from out of the U.K. During that period I was facing serious eviction threats due to rent arrears and financially- I was flat broke. I wasn’t motivated to honor the invitation by my neighbor friend of attending the fellowship unless upon attending that meeting I would come out of that place with a solution to the rent and financial issues. Upon some further persuasion by the neighbor I attended the meeting and that would be the beginning of good things happening in my life as I met Prophet Gold who had come accompanied by some other brethren. He made some donations of clothes to the ministry that my Pastor friend was serving and later on began to prophecy to every person who was in attendance. He spoke into my life about GOD needing me to be serious i salvation and made a prophecy that GOD would bless me with 4-wheel drive car (Prado). From there on he would invite me over a series of missions that he went for whenever he would be around Kenya. In the various towns and villages I accompanied Prophet Gold to preach, I witnessed GOD grace working through him to heal various diseases, many souls coming to Christ and lives of ordinary people being turned around in matters marriage, business, academics, employment, family re-union etc. As all this happened my faith in GOD grew stronger and stronger. I soon submitted under Prophet Gold an He took me in under his loving care as his spiritual son. During the preaching
missions we would encounter extra-ordinary events as we would walking in a service where Prophet Gold has been invited to minister and the congregation would refuse to go home upto way late in the hours at times the service extending upto midnight. Mostly this would be as a result of the joy of people experiencing healing grace of GOD & the prophetic ministration from the man of GOD. It is in one of such preaching missions where Prophet Gold revealed to me as guided by the Holy Spirit that GOD has called me to be a Pastor! This is a great honor & privilege to be called to serve in GOD’s vineyard and I am forever grateful and set on this course. The
prophecy of the car I mentioned earlier as spoken by GOD to me through Prophet GOLD came to pass last year ( 3 years later) and to the glory of GOD I now drive a Pajero; JESUS is faithful.
Prophecy for financial Breakthrough
I received a Prophecy from Dad in 2016 September concerning getting Kshs 60,000 ( usd 6,000) This kind of money meant a lot to me as my business was facing really bad- I had no income, ha made several job applications without any positive reply and the worst part of it was that I had been evicted out of my 2bedroom house due to rent arrears! Within a week or so after the prophecy I landed a job and was paid the amount prophesied- Glory be to GOD! This gave me a chance to clear my debts. Prophecy of Marriage Fulfilled. In 2017 while winding up from a preaching mission where I had accompanied Dad (Prophet Gold) at around 2am (This are usual working hours while in such missions).
Prophet Gold told me “Chris you will marry a Kikuyu (one of the local tribes from Kenya)!” In 2018 again Prophet Gold Prophesied to me about me finding a true loving woman who fears GOD and that my wedding would be soon. True to those words- GOD blessed me with a very beautiful and loving wife who comes from that region and in 2019 we did our wedding which was a great milestone in my life! I am so grateful to GOD because Prophet Gold not only attended but consistently prayed for us , encouraged us when we felt isolated by friends-also personally contributed His resources in helping us with cars for transportation purposes. Prophet also prophesied about us having a very healthy son who would be delivered through normal means and true to the word of the Man of GOD it was so! We are so thankful to GOD for the favor he has shown us by connecting us with a very loving, caring & HIS humble servant. May GOD’s grace multiply upon our Dad and all that concerns him. PREACHING TO MY FAMILY & SOULS COMING TO JESUS CHRIST. Soon after the wedding I made a request to Dad ( Prophet Gold) to come and be a blessing to my biological family by preaching to them the message of the Kingdom of our Lord JESUS Christ. Prophet Gold graciously honored my request by coming and there was a lot of great things which happened:
1.For the very first time a Man of GOD came to house and got the attention of both my parents and siblings. That to me was a miracle as it had never happened!
2.Atleast 5 people got born-again ( 5out of7) what a joy what a miracle for the kingdom of darkness to loose & the Kingdom of our LORD JESUS Christ to increase.
3.On that particular day just before Prophet Gold began to minister the word of GOD, we experienced electric black-outs but the hand of GOD was with us in such a way that a very strange miracle happened- while the entire area was covered with darkness due to the power black-out, GOD ensured that the very room where we were gathered there was light beaming from the bulb! Can you imagine the entire estate there is electricity black-out, other rooms in the same house also there is electricity black-out but ONLY in the room where we were gathered having fellowship was there LIGHT! HALLELUJAH ! THERE IS NO GOD LIKE JEHOVAH! just like HIS word says in Psalms 91:11( I will command angels to guard you in all your ways) it happened.
Matthew 19:26 New International Version (NIV). 26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is
impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

John Doe

Philips Testimony
You are going Intenatinal in Ministy” Prophecy Comes To Reality.

On August 2018, i was invited to a conference where i attended a night session, where bishop Gold was ministering and i remember before the sesion kicked off we had a dinner felowship with Bishop Gold and thats how i met the servant of God and i got that night message from God and a prophecy that today 3vyears down the Line it is a reality.
I remember he called me my spiritual father bishop Gold and its the time we had met for the first time.1 of the things out of others God spoke through him was “God is taking you in an international level in your ministry, Worship life and that my hands were anointed to play piano and that i was a worshiper.I remember tears rolled down my chick when I heard what God is speaking through his servant Bishop Gold.I believed the message and trusted God that He will do for me.That night al through when bishop was still available i made myselfself present on all the sesions just to be in Gods presence.
In about 6months after the prophecy, i had already started looking for passport by Faith in relevant with what God had spoken, and surely i got it and in 3 months after God allowed me to travel to mozambique of which during the journey i saw His hand in supplies, protecton and many more despite it being tough but God gave me victory.
After some time i arived in maputo the city of mozambique of which i was hosted by another family.By the Love of God for my life and He spoke over my life, that family started manifesting their Weacked agenda agaist me and it was meant to defile my heritage in christ but i stood and said NO, because that was not what God had spoken.My refusal to Defile myself brought alot of fights and discomfort that i had anyway to move out that made me homeless in a foreign country
But i couldnt give up, what encouraged me always was that God cant bring me this farc Just to leave me i encouraged myelf and my mother also stood on the gap to cry for God promise to come true.After 5 days , God sent an angel i believed who came to deliver me, paid for me a hotel in 3 days, gave me money for upkeep that was more than enough to me and nowci was not homeless.
After by the spirit of God led me to travel to swaziland and thats how i came to encounter with Gods promise and prophecy my dad and spiritual mentor Bishop Gold.
God directed me to a ministry where i was given a priviledge to pastor the youth Chapel and until date God has been using to do counceling in relatioship and mariage in a foreign land and has taken me to new levels in ministy and is promising me to do much all round my life.
To God alone be the glory for His promises coming to reality, and may God almighty honor His servant Our dad Bishop Gold for alowing Him to be used by God.

*When God speaks He has spoken.
God promise will always pass, Remain ever blessed.

John Doe

Praise God,we serve an awesome God.

My name is Mary am born again and Christ Jesus is my personal saviour.l came to meet bishop gold as a stranger when I was working at a certain supermarket in Africa Kenya.He meet us as a group in that supermarket and he talked to us about the gospel of Christ Jesus and from there we became friends and afterwards I gave my life to Christ.

Meeting prophet gold was a life changing thing as he introduced me to knowing the word of God and the ministry at large.Through the follow ups that he has been doing on WhatsApp while still in UK and while back in Kenya have been of help in my life as I have grown spiritually strong and in serving the LORD.

I have learned alot from him and I have experienced the love of God through going together with him to minister the word of God to different people.Through the testimonies that people give I get encouraged and get the zeal as well as to move on.

Ever since ,I have seen God in my life and experienced of his goodness and mercies.The LORD has been on my side and I have seen things working out and I bless the LORD.Today I can testify that surely God is a faithful God for sparing my family and I from this pandemic.I am really grateful for the good health that he has bestowed upon my family and myself.

Secondly,I thank God for making my dreams come true.I just graduated from the University and surely God has been with me throughout the school journey as He provided everything that was required for me to complete the whole course including the fees and the upkeep which He did in an amazing way.I bless the LORD for that.

Thirdly,I give thanks to our almighty God for being with my mum,brother and I since I lost my dad and surely our God has never forsaken us he has been always on our side.psalms 103:11 say As high as the sky is above the earth so great is His love for those who honour Him,so I would like to encourage anyone that God is love and his love is great and he will never leave us alone,so just believe in God and he will surely bless you .AMEN

John Doe

Testimony by Martin Kamande –Africa, Kenya 

Hello everyone, I greet you in the Mighty name Jesus Christ.

I am Martin Kamande from Africa Kenya and if am born again Jesus Christ is my life and my personal saviour. I felt the need to share my testimony life with the world and with the ministry led by REV GOLD. 

 As we know the word says in PSALMS 51:5 ” Behold, i was brought forth in Iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me”. 

This tells us everybody is born a sinner but through Jesus Christ and having Faith in Him we are saved and are accounted as righteous in the eyes of God. In ROMAN 5 says “Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through Jesus Christ”🙇

I was born in Godly family. A family that loved Jesus Christ. But due to the sinful nature i forsaken the first love. May be it because in was young i did not understand the true meaning of true Gospel. 

My mom died when i was young so i was raised by my dad and we are four in the family. But if grew up and if got to understand more but due to the sinful nature in me in all of us. I followed the world. I loved the world more than if loved Jesus Christ. I remember my life changed completely and if messed up my life. Being buried by the trespasses of sins, being dead but living. 

More so if believe my mom was the centre pore of the family because when she passed away and no one else was so much strong in Christ in our family. The devil found the chance to tear the family down and everybody backslide. I have done so many things which are against God but that did not stop God calling me loved. 

It did not stop God being there for me. It did not stop God in protecting me. He is a faithful God. 

             I remember REV GOLD he used to come to Africa Kenya back then and we would spend time together. He would try to bring light to me in one fellowship, where all people gave life JESUS except myself, i refused but it was not me but the devil and evil things inside me. For the word of God says that “the word of God is foolish to those who are perishing.”. I thank God am no longer perishing but am living. 

   The reason why if could not accept Jesus Christ in my my life if believe if was afraid to lose my friends, my family members, entertainment of the world and my fear the devil used as a weapon against me. I was afraid how people will say about me. 

     I remember if used to do worldly things like listening to worldly music that night where we had fellowship  REV Gold would try to make me understand the love of GOD ,instead I would get angry instead but would not say it But a preached word will never come back empty handed it will always bear fruits. It does not matter how long it takes but it will always bear fruits. 

By the grace of God his love for us through Jesus Christ He chosen me out of the world telling me that am loved, I have a home in Him. 

I gave myself to Christ and now am living for Him and only for Him. I have experienced Gods presence in my life. God has replaced the people i feared to lose with spiritual family who are more worthy, as He says He shall replace silver with Gold.  

The theme is to spread the Gospel Jesus Christ to every corner if the world.  My desire is to know Him more and have a deeper relation with Him. REV Gold through his ministry share a lot helping so many people including myself in  various medium including in the groups fellowship, technology . In Africa Kenya and beyond, i have a very big Family in Christ whom we share a lot. It has been a great experience. 

I believe even my family will return to the first love and i believe they shall live for as even now in my family am the only one who is following Christ. But i believe as my mom was the centre pore of the whole family I have become the centre pore of the family. 

  MATHEW 8:8 says” The centurion answered and said ‘ Lord i am not worthy that you should come under my roof. But only speak a word and my servant will be healed”Your faith can be used to heal and save someone else. 

 MATHEW 8:2-3 says.  “And behold, a leaper came and worshiped Him saying,” Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean”. 

Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him saying, ” I am willing be cleansed, ” immediately his leprosy was cleansed. 

In short Jesus Christ is always willing to clean us. He is always willing to be the way, the truth and the life to us. Despite what you have done in your past life. It does not matter just come to Him and He shall clean you and makes you righteous. 

      ALL THE GLORY BE TO GOD.          

    .             AMEN.

John Doe

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